In Spring of 2016 I sent submission of my two designs to Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts. Both of proposed patterns were accepted and one of them is now published: Sarafan Vest. I was not familiar with AAFC yarn before, but loved it with the first few stitches that seemed to be springing from needle to needle almost without my help. I first concerned about colors chosen by company, because I know that it is not easy to achieve decent look trying to make Black and Brown friends. As soon as I worked the swatch, I happily found out that it looks like antique jewelry: very showy! Iced Coffee and Fortuitous are great together!
In general I tend to design garments with side seams for practical reason: they help to keep the shape of the project.  Sarafan Vest is designed as a one piece to knit to underarms, and Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts 100% Superwash Merino DK holds its shape very well. In addition, Mosaic borders also give good support to whole construction of this long sleeveless coat.

And of course, the garment itself is so versatile and allowing to be combined with many pieces of your favorite wardrobe basics. Also available on Ravelry

Photo by Vince Vardeleon