At the same time… You knit

Sometimes the patterns give instruction for two or more simultaneously running shapings. Normally that are front armhole and neckline shapings. Although shapings are knit simultaneously, the knitters need to keep track of those shaping separately. If my pattern contains this kind of instruction, I do include row counters into notions section. Since my own counters are the same, I hooked each of them on different color thread or ribbon; and it is always a good idea to make a note which marker is used for each shaping.

If there is no row counters among knitter’s supplies, simple piece of paper can help. Just divide the page in the sections, mark the names of the shapings, and then keep marks for each shaping on the paper until each shapings is accomplished.

Usually there is a phrase in instruction: “At the same time…” It means that the row counting begins with the same row for each shapings given.