In my recent past I have had very pleasant experience working with fairly new yarn company Salt River Mills. As a result of this cooperation there are several patterns of mine published by company web-site, and also could be found on Ravelry

My first and personally most favorite design for this collection is  Pencil Skirt, worked of silky soft to your skin Suri Textures Yarn.

Square Lace Shawl design have brought me back to my childhood, when I saw on my mom's shoulders her own square shawl knitted by her hands. Simply Suri yarn was used to accomplish the sample

I am a big lover of sleeveless layers, and  Sleeveless Pullover is another garment worked of Simply Suri yarn.

And finally, I designed Double Hourglass Mittens and matching Double Hourglass Hat, both with  Suri Textures yarn


 Photography by  Liz Vahlkamp