Michelada appeared on Ravelry along with Issue 13 (Summer 2015) of Pom Pom Quarterly Magazine. In addition, all the issue is full of sunshine and joy. Even more: Lydia Gluck, one of the Pom Poms accomplished her own Michela-tada in bright yellow! Isn’t it the best compliment for any designer!
The name was given to this creation by Pom Pom editors and I loved everything about it: I love how it sounds, I love that this name reminds me the name of my beloved granddaughter Michelle, but I had no Idea about what it really means (if it does). Therefore, I began browsing for definition of the word. I was surprised to find out that Michelada is the name of Mexican drink. Here it is:
 The word michelada comes from the words mi chela helada.
The word chela is a popular term for a beer in Mexico. When you ask for a chela, you are asking for a cold beer; therefore, the phrase mi chela helada means "my cold beer". Some people in Mexico believe micheladas are a good remedy for hangovers.
Here is a picture of Tomato Michelada from www.foodrepublik.com: