In Spring of 2016 I sent submission of my two designs to Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts. Both of proposed patterns were accepted and one of them is now published: Sarafan Vest. I was not familiar with AAFC yarn before, but loved it with the first few stitches that seemed to be springing from needle to needle almost without my help. I first concerned about colors chosen by company, because I know that it is not easy to achieve decent look trying to make Black and Brown friends. As soon as I worked the swatch, I happily found out that it looks like antique jewelry: very showy! Iced Coffee and Fortuitous are great together!
In general I tend to design garments with side seams for practical reason: they help to keep the shape of the project.  Sarafan Vest is designed as a one piece to knit to underarms, and Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts 100% Superwash Merino DK holds its shape very well. In addition, Mosaic borders also give good support to whole construction of this long sleeveless coat.

And of course, the garment itself is so versatile and allowing to be combined with many pieces of your favorite wardrobe basics. Also available on Ravelry

Photo by Vince Vardeleon

At the same time… You knit

Sometimes the patterns give instruction for two or more simultaneously running shapings. Normally that are front armhole and neckline shapings. Although shapings are knit simultaneously, the knitters need to keep track of those shaping separately. If my pattern contains this kind of instruction, I do include row counters into notions section. Since my own counters are the same, I hooked each of them on different color thread or ribbon; and it is always a good idea to make a note which marker is used for each shaping.

If there is no row counters among knitter’s supplies, simple piece of paper can help. Just divide the page in the sections, mark the names of the shapings, and then keep marks for each shaping on the paper until each shapings is accomplished.

Usually there is a phrase in instruction: “At the same time…” It means that the row counting begins with the same row for each shapings given.
There are 4 new "seasonal" designs of mine published recently:

Balmoral Dress with Interweave Online Store, 
photography by Interweave Knits 2016 :

Anticipation Pullover with Love of Knitting, Winter 2016, photography by Interweave 2016

White Hot Chocolate Coat and Aren’t You Plaid it’s Christmas Set with I Like Knitting, December, online magazine, photography by I Like Knitting magazine:

Few months ago I got a chance to work with Valley Yarns Company for their May 2016 pattern collection. That was a privilege for me! 
I have completed three patterns for this occasion:
Easy Day Tee in Longmeadow

It features colorful stripes and smoothly shaped hem using short rows

For several years, I wanted to work on white pullover; I made so many swatches with different yarns, and I am very pleased with final sample: this stitch seems to be excellent match for Goshen yarn.


We all have preferences, I am not excluded. When I worked with Southwick yarn, I fell happy. I know what it was: bamboo fiber gives the fabric such lovely silky touch and beautiful drape; I also love this tone of blue.  

Photography © Valley Yarns

All three patterns could also be found on Ravelry
Knit Picks company has recently issued Heritage collection, this time featuring men knitwear. I am happy to be one of designers, who worked on this collection. My design is comfy and cozy Hidden Light Cardigan with double shawl collar and chest pocket. I worked the pocket keeping in mind my husband who cannot function without chest pocket on his clothes. I am very pleased with great photography by Knit Picks. Here are few of my favorite shots:

In my recent past I have had very pleasant experience working with fairly new yarn company Salt River Mills. As a result of this cooperation there are several patterns of mine published by company web-site, and also could be found on Ravelry

My first and personally most favorite design for this collection is  Pencil Skirt, worked of silky soft to your skin Suri Textures Yarn.

Square Lace Shawl design have brought me back to my childhood, when I saw on my mom's shoulders her own square shawl knitted by her hands. Simply Suri yarn was used to accomplish the sample

I am a big lover of sleeveless layers, and  Sleeveless Pullover is another garment worked of Simply Suri yarn.

And finally, I designed Double Hourglass Mittens and matching Double Hourglass Hat, both with  Suri Textures yarn


 Photography by  Liz Vahlkamp

Fall   2015 issue of Knitscene magazine is live and has my latest design in!


Although it was submitted as “Jacqueline Red Jacket”, it's final name truly reflects what I had in mind working on this design: inspiration for this design has come from Oleg Cassini’s design for Jacqueline Kennedy:


I am very impressed with 60-s atmosphere, brought by Harper Point Photography, especially these black-and-white images:


60-s are my “happy childhood” period and I do remember and still admire a lot form those years: music, TV, movies, fashion, and style. On these particular photos I can see my older sister’s hairstyle, my (then) favorite singer’s pants style; and, yes, a la Jacqueline jacket.

This little jacket is comfortable and flirty at the same time. Shape is classic, the stitch is an imitation of textured textile; snug collar could also be worn buttoned. Whether you choose chic little pants or pencil skirt to pair with this sweater, you will look great!